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Predictive Fun Statistics (computing probabilities for free is Money).

Business administrators welcome to the future, Inferential statistics at your fingertips. 20$ for a program that can save you and will from 0(don't use it) to 16% efficiency savings or more depending on the industry. I'd expect at least 3% improvement to the bottom line with slight use. Note: The program is free for a limited time.

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16. Probabilities-One population  Chap 2,3,6,7,8,9
  17. Linear Regression + NonParametric tests  Chap 13,14,16
  18. Confidence Interval and Hypothesis-Two populations  Chap 10

  19. Hypothesis testing one sample standard deviation(Chi-square)  Chap 12
  20. Two+ population variances to decide equal means(ANOVA,balanced vs unbalanced) Chap 12
  21. Quality Control  Chap 11  ^mainly uses the standard deviation not the mean(chap 10), to decide equal means
  22. Other "Probability Distributions". Expected value E(X),Poisson arrivals,Exponential time lapse,Uniform,Queue line(Chap 5) 

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Save MONEY and TIME. Incredibly it will save "time".  It gets addicting fast! for this reason. You'll actually have more efficiency and so, more winning scenarios. Best part, it's super easy!.

The program can calculate probabilities that can be used in all your sectors of interest. The program was built for novices and experts. A novice can practice examples and replace values with their own situations so to get computing in no time. Using "Screenshot" to remember the example for later use. An expert can rely on the accuracy of the computations, read up on theory or search for keywords, or get explanations to examples by going into the program(without running it), where they can find even more explanations, or theory associated with that example. Feel free and try your luck with the coupon code. The program can calculate probabilities that can be used in all any situations, E.g. to reduce the choice of options available when comparing items. E.g. Help predict proper deadlines or when finished. Use your imagination! Anything your not sure of it will help with.



It gives Usability, and Package Content.


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Side reference 3 description: Finance Book(used slightly, mainly for correlation! between means, etc).

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References(Books needed to expand program, if you want to)

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