Pascal Program, fully customizable if need to. Can put you in charge of making fast decisions.

Often a computation can be repeated with ease after the first computation. E.g. You want to know how many trees are more than 15 feet from a average field of 10 feet tall trees?. You wonder if you want to go see if there are 15 feet trees?. So instead of driving there at great cost, you use this program to figure out the probability of a tree being over 15 feet. You enter 10 as the mean, and place an educated guess of 20% for the deviation(so 2, the default deviation for starting to guess is 20%), a strong free educated guess i might add. You compute and it says you should have 1 in 165 trees that are over 15 feet. You remember that the supplier had 500 trees. You decide to pay the gas and go GET the 15 feet tree. If he would of just had 100 trees to chose from, well decide if you want to take the risk, but at least you know what to expect. Try it for 14 feet and you "likely will go again because it's likely there". Plain and simple good decision making. For 20$. If you don't buy a program with this much uses that will likely save at least 3%(ex 100K*3=3000$dollars). Well your not being very efficient. It's a steal. With practice and experience you can improve on guessing the deviation, that means a free "educated guess" free!. If you want serious research you can gather a sample at great cost but the results will have a lot of confidence (not an educated guess). E.g. You can call 100 people and ask them what they think about your service prices. Then analyze the results much better with this program, e.g. You can apply quality controls to identify an "out of control process". The possibilities are endless. A lot of samples are actually free, you just need access to the data (internal or external sources) and it's free to compute with this program. Like said once a solution is computed, recomputing is extra easy. Just replace old data with new data and recompute. E.g. A builder takes 1M+-5days to complete your house. When can you move in in all confidence?.(Hint: The probability he's not finished will be close to zero at about ? Months). You feel that you can risk moving in with a 20% chance of him not being completely finished, but just about to finish at worst, then the answer would be ?. Use the tree example, but now put Completion time. The average is 1 Month, the deviation is not a guess(20%) but is 5 days like stated, so enter "5". And compute what the chance is that the builder takes longer than 1month, or 2 months or finishes early.  WOW.

Enough said buy the program now. Or pay with inefficiencies!.


You get "Lifetime use" and one customizable program named "Tracker777" from Predictive Fun Statistics. Also the Program compiler(named "Free Pascal") needed to run the program is a free download on the internet.


Package Content:

                  1X  Digital version of the Software product "Tracker777".

                  1X  Limited rights "warranty"(digital version).


Tracker777 (Physical product).

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